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Systems Integration

Get systems to fit your business, not systems to fit your business. When everything is connected, anything is possible

Over the past 10 years the number of business applications and disparate data silos has proliferated. As a result, integration is one the top priorities for businesses that are adopting this modern architecture comprised of Cloud, On-premise, Social, and Mobile applications. At Storata, we have mastered the art and the science of systems integration amplify the inherent value in your systems investments. By using mostly existing technology and creating something new out of those old elements, our systems integration team solve large problems for organisations, particular with the growth in data volumes.

We draw upon a broad base of expertise and combine problem solving with creative vision to enable intelligent automation. Implementing API-led connectivity approach delivers business agility, better customer experiences and, ultimately, competitive advantage. For example, we can quickly connect to end points, map data and orchestrate complex business processes such as Quote to Order, Customer Invoicing.

Our API skills are

(but not limited to)
Integration disparate SOAP or REST web services in an elegant way
A deep understanding of the technical landscape
ODBC, JDBC, XML and JSON databases
Ability to align stakeholders around goals, priorities and metrics of success
Source code languages (Java, PHP, C, C++)
Design new solution that’s fit for purpose
End point data mapping
An eye to the future, baking in the capacity for adaptation and growth over time.

Unleash the value of your information, eliminating the friction of integration and enabling unprecedented speed, agility and rapid change.

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