Business Intelligence & Visual Analytics

Storata completely redefines the way Business Intelligence is delivered and consumed.

Storata completely redefines the way Business Intelligence is delivered and consumed.

Our consultants and solution architects, provide end to end BI solutions offering you services such as gathering your business requirements, defining your scope, BI training, post installation support and integrating our BI solutions into your other business systems.

We enable global governance with local execution providing you with trusted and agile collaboration between centralised and decentralised teams. Organisations have traditionally depended on centralised IT to physically replicate data and metadata infrastructures to enable analytics for decentralized groups, but this approach is time-consuming, expensive and, ultimately, a barrier to end-user self-service. By virtualising the entire BI ecosystem, we transform every aspect of your approach to analytics, from application development lifecycles to end-user generated data mashups and content.

Our solutions are delivered through our modern multi-tenanted cloud architecture and include:


A network of interwoven BI instances that share a common analytical fabric


Agile BI expansion across multiple regions, departments and customers


Enterprise-grade scalability at unprecedented speed



Self-service data preparation capabilities and transparent governance


Eliminates data silos and dramatically accelerates the delivery of BI across the enterprise


Ability to Visualise and Analyse your Data


Collaborate and share reports



Ability to Spot trends as they happen