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About Us

“Our philosophy is entirely one of giving value; that is, putting our client’s interests first and foremost.”

Storata is an Australian ICT Consultancy Firm who specialise in lean digital transformation of business systems and processes across the enterprise. Our aim is to provide clients with world class products, solutions and services using established and emerging technologies, to solve mission critical business issues and let you focus on your core business.

Our co-founders have successfully built and operated technology based services for over two decades. With broad and deep connections into research and development firms across the globe, we are constantly at the forefront of the digital technology revolution. Our roadmap for agile systems integration into core business applications ensures our customers benefit from the best of breed offerings available in the market today. Our expertise in providing the widest gamut of IT services in the industry is only matched by large international organisations.

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With roots in the Managed Print, Document Workflow and Web Technology industries, coupled with expertise in Anthropology and Sociology, we synthesise our experiences to streamline technology and automate business processes to help you work smarter. In the era of the information economy, we collect, manage and integrate data into your business processes enabling your to become a true-data driven organisation delivering measurable and sustainable results.

Our Philosophy

Businesses spend tens of billions of dollars a year trying to solve new problems with old technology. The approach we take in our Digital First Strategy allows you to cross the chasm from IT to the Business. Our philosophy is entirely one of giving value; that is, putting our client’s interests first and foremost. Our methodology with all projects is to provide the coaching, the mentoring and the tools needed to ensure long-term sustainability of the investment in our partnership. This is why our clients trust us to transform their business into a digital enterprise to enable mobility and creativity. Working with the latest technology on some of the most complex business challenges, our team is inspired every day. Our goal is to provide advanced technological solutions that make the end user experience simple, enjoyable and highly more effective & productive.

At the heart of our solutions rests data-driven innovation. Our cloud experts design solutions to suit all small to large business, education, government and legal and accounting firms with all their Cloud needs. Our Cloud Consultants have already helped over 300 small to large businesses migrate to the Cloud, our professional, experienced, award winning staff provide flexible, easy to manage, cost effective IT solutions customised to your business needs.


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