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Knowledge Auditing

Quite often, there is inherent risk in applying outdated knowledge to modern issues. It is with this fundamental premise that we whole heartedly believe in the underlying value of knowledge auditing across your organisation. If you have low certainty, then an examination of your business is needed. This may even require a revisit of your organisations’ mandate i.e. mission and vision to ensure knowledge is up to date.

A deeper look into your business assets will uncover find that knowledge is your key source of competitive advantage, yet it is difficult to maintain and keep up to date. In an era where creativity and innovation is high on the agenda, you need to take a whole of business approach to understand where your knowledge investment helps you carve out a niche. As part of your current business objectives and realities, we help harness the foundation you have laid and as part of our services.

We Offer

Gap assessments and redundancies between what is known and what needs to be known.
Interviews, focus groups, surveys, observations and benchmark analysis.
Strategies for closing the skills gap.
Knowledge management services to measure personalities with job profiles.
Audits of your existing data, knowledge and communication channels.
Operating environment analysis to break down data and look at productivity and skills gaps to improve business performance.
Knowledge generation and harnessing strategies to ensure you remain competitive.
Need to get a health check of your organisations knowledge propensity?

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