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Contract Management

Easily create, approve, search, share and save all contracts.

  • Take conversations out of email and track revisions and negotiations in one place by commenting directly on contracts
  • Ensure contracts are reviewed by all required parties on time by creating automatic approval processes
  • Easily sort contracts based on vendor, amount or expiry date by adding metadata to contracts and using advanced search
  • Securely share contracts with stakeholders by assigning each stakeholder permissions based on their role, from editor to viewer
  • Archive and retain contracts for the required amount of time by setting custom data retention policies
  • Create alerts for the appropriate parties once contracts are up for renewal by building customized policies and workflows

Virtual Deal Room

Run fundraising, due diligence and capital raising activities.

  • Prevent bidders from inviting unauthorized parties to folders and ensure parties cannot view each other’s bids by whitelisting domains for each folder
  • Allow employees to access, present and view financial documents from any device using Box native applications on iOS, Android and Windows
  • Protect each bidder’s information by using Box Information Rights Management to restrict downloading and printing of files
  • Always stay informed of the latest activities by receiving email notifications when documents are edited, viewed or downloaded
  • Easily monitor user behavior and file usage and flag irregularities by running reports through the admin console on users and files