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Enterprise Content Management

Preservation and restoration is just the beginning

Whether you are looking for improved access to archived records, or to facilitate a digital workflow, Storata is able to provide a document imaging solution to meet your unique needs.

As an ISO accredited organisation, we have state of the art equipment and trained personnel with the skill and effectiveness to successfully execute your imaging projects. Our aim is to provide the highest integrity possible with the lowest possible cost.

We Offer

Bulk scanning of archived documents
Same-day scanning of new documents as part of your workflow
On-demand scanning of paper records using OCR text rendering
Secure, anytime, anywhere access to your scanned documents
Integration with your current paper workflow and document management system
Handwritten data extraction off forms, automatically read barcodes and auto-classification of documents

We Also Offer Competitive Specialty Scanning Services Such As

Architectural and Engineering Plans

X-Ray & Specialist Medical Imaging formats

Photographic Film to Digital Conversion

Books to Searchable PDF