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Data Analytics & Visualisations

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Storata completely redefines the way Business Intelligence is delivered and consumed. Our consultants and solution architects provide end to end BI solutions offering you services such as gathering your business requirements, defining your scope, BI training, post installation support and integrating our BI solutions into your other business systems.

We enable global governance with local execution providing you with trusted and agile collaboration between centralized and decentralized teams. Organisations have traditionally depended on centralized IT to physically replicate data and metadata infrastructures to enable analytics for decentralized groups, but this approach is time-consuming, expensive and, ultimately, a barrier to end-user self-service. By virtualising the entire BI ecosystem, we transform every aspect of your approach to analytics, from application development lifecycles to end-user generated data mashups and content.

Today’s faster speed of business requires the use of process intelligence – advanced analytics providing insight down to the business process level. Legacy BI and data discovery tools cannot provide this vital new, deeper level of analytics, only a process intelligence enabled BI platform can.

Talk to our experienced Business Intelligence Consultants who have passionate about delivering BI Services across Australia.

Our solutions are delivered through our modern multi-tenanted cloud architecture and include:

  • A network of interwoven BI instances that share a common analytical fabric.
  • Agile BI expansion across multiple regions, departments and customers.
  • Enterprise-grade scalability at unprecedented speed.
  • Self-service data preparation capabilities and transparent governance.
  • Eliminates data silos and dramatically accelerates the delivery of BI across the enterprise.

Our BI Features include

Free your reporting

Tableau offers powerful functionality in the management of Big Data. Whether it’s in the form of structured data (quantitative data that can sit neatly within a relational database) or unstructured data (data that does not fit into a database), Tableau enables you to access, manage and analyse huge volumes of data that your organisation has accumulated from multiple sources and over long periods of time. By providing powerful analytics and deeper meaning to data, Tableau ably complements the functionality on offer from today’s Big Data solution vendors.

Visualise and Analyse your Data

With a user interface that is simple, clean and straightforward, Tableau can sit seamlessly within your existing IT infrastructure. More than 25,000 organisations worldwide are using Tableau to make new discoveries and drive improved business performance. With Tableau you will gain a greatly enhanced understanding of your business by:

  • Identifying and exploring associations within your data
  • Using a single application to consolidate data from multiple
  • Enhancing collaboration across users, business units and
    external groups
  • Visualising your data with vibrant, easy to decipher graphics
    Interacting with powerful and dynamic apps, analytics and
  • Capturing and exploring data from a variety of mobile devices