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Business Analysis

You simply can’t improve what you can’t measure.

We are disciplined in clearly defining problems and determining appropriate vendor agnostic solutions. With our in-depth industry experience, we analyse the macro-economic factors impacting your industry and drill down into micro detail to uncover inefficiencies and opportunities to make you even more competitive. We take a holistic view of your business, the market and your customer base. Through our analysis, we map your current business process and capture the triggers and hand offs to uncover the true opportunity for process automation. We uncover this by analysing trends and inefficiencies in your business operations, particularly in repetitive tasks.

Following the analysis, we provide recommendations on software-system development, process improvement, organisational structure, strategic planning and policy development.

Our Business Analysis Services Include

Root Cause Analysis

Quality reviews

Requirements Gathering

(functional and non-functional)

Process Modelling (BPMN)

Data Modelling

Digital Ready Assessment

Sourcing & Procurement Efficiency

Business Case Development

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