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StorataTM provides specialist and independent consulting, deployment, migration and integration for all your On Premise and Cloud Based services. With over 450 cloud migrations and 50,000 users we are recognised in the Cloud & IT industry for a number of highly regarded accolades, support and productivity. We provide Cloud Services for businesses in the small, medium and large market sector, schools, health, construction, financial services and government related industries. Our success lies in our ability to provide agile, experienced and flexible services, allowing you to seize opportunities and act fast.

In principle, executing your strategy requires complete alignment and clarity of vision with your people, process and technology as they hold the keys to solutions that will help your business grow. Some solutions scale, while others fail, hence the synergistic alignment of these important factors. Whilst planning and structure are absolute necessities, we build our solutions with flexibility to respond to market changes, customer expectations and the competitive landscape. Our services enable you to build a solid and consistent foundation for profitable and sustainable growth – organically and through acquisition.