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Health Care & Life Sciences

We provide doctors, clinicians, hospitals, radiology’s and dentists imaging and IT solutions to securely share content protected using the highest level of compliance (HIPAA, HITECH, HL7).

Our ecosystem of applications service the healthcare market across all facets from administration, integrating into systems such as Medical Director and Dental Systems used by oral health practitioners. Storata has the radiology and healthcare IT expertise to help medical professionals improve patient care while growing physician satisfaction.

In a highly regulated industry, we also work with Pharmaceutical companies to streamline clinical trials, improve sales and sample management, and remove the administrative overheads which slow you down. We deploy data retention policies to keep you remaining compliant. By eliminating manual and repetitive tasks, we maintain compliance while improving patient outcomes.

Freedom to access the technology you want, and when you want it.
Freedom to take advantage of the latest technology as an operational expense
Freedom to focus on running your business—not running IT systems