Level 1, 10 Bridge St, Sydney, NSW 2000
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Our Values

  • Customer First – We aim to build long term business relationships by exceeding customer satisfaction
  • Continuous Improvement – 100% today does not guarantee 100% tomorrow. We must continue to innovate and improve our offering and stay ahead of the business and technology curve.
  • Operational Excellence – Consistently provide value along each step of the business process
  • Embrace Change – If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll be left behind

Our Value Proposition

Our customers deserve the best, this is why we have created a highly technical team and mutually beneficial partnerships with the world’s leading technology companies.

Annually, our partners jointly invest millions of dollars on research and development to ensure StorataTM customers have the best and most innovative products and services in the marketplace.

Working across technological boundaries with some of the most innovative organisations in the world allows StorataTM the capability to provide benchmark solutions to a wide array of business problems.

Our accredited expertise and managed content services model offers organizations better productivity gains, streamlined business improvement and increased IT efficiency at a controlled cost.