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Storata Features & Benefits

StorataTM provides secure storage of structured and unstructured business documents which are processed and integrated through StorataTM driven workflows. We also extract business data during the workflow which is analysed to provide critical business intelligence thereby allowing organisations to predict or prevent events. In automating these routine tasks, organizations can significantly increase responsiveness to customers, provide higher levels of service and grow their business while in the process greatly reducing operating costs. In addition, this data can be aggregated across larger data sets to provide true artificial intelligence applicable to not only themselves but to a larger representative body. In an era where the connected, fast moving customer demands high levels of service, speed, awareness, collaboration, productivity and adaptability, StorataTM embeds sustainable best practices.

StorataTM Added Benefits

StorataTM brings together a close working relationship of multiple cloud based solutions to deliver innovative solutions to Australia’s largest commercial and government organisations.

StorataTM Gold Support

Provided by certified StorataTM Consultants that are dedicated to the suite   from the various Cloud Universities. With support based out of Sydney Australia, assistance is never far away for your critical initiatives.

StorataTM HealthChecks

Have your deployed solutions formally reviewed by our experts to achieve a best-practices implementation and maximise the return on your investment.

The StorataTM Innovation Centre

The StorataTM Innovation Centre; a collaborative workspace and dedicated environment housing a comprehensive menu of the latest cloud technologies to pilot some of your innovation initiatives without interrupting your production environment or business as usual activities.

The StorataTM Innovation Centre – a collaborative workspace and technical lab dedicated to technologies in our partner ecosystem. Accessible from anywhere across the globe, the StorataTM Innovation Centre provides a specialised rapid prototyping environment built to test and sample a menu of cloud technologies, enabling customers to implement their innovative ideas and solve complex business challenges with tools and resources available on demand. Your organisation can leverage this powerful facility to explore and trial business innovation ideas prior to delivering the solutions full potential in your production environment, a game-changing opportunity awaits.